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Gainer is a great weight gaining health supplement and bodybuilding. It works as a protein powder for weight gain, though the quantity of carbohydrates is more than the protein, yet it is a rich source to build mass and muscle at the same time.

The gainer brought you by Muscle Nutrition is used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to balance out the number of carbs and proteins in the body. Containing no sugar, and filled with various healthy ingredients, the gainer is a perfect combination for those who want to gain or maintain bulk in the body and follow workouts regularly.

The gainer is highly recommended especially for those who are having a balanced fat and muscled physique and need a push to build a muscle body.

Other Essentials

Supplements have become a necessity despite following a well-balanced diet. Muscle building needs additional supplements along with workouts and a healthy diet. Give our essentials a try to give your muscle-building efforts a boost and accomplish your goal faster than usual.

Other essentials are great for achieving desired muscle-building results and overcome muscle soreness, tissue damage and weakness. They effectively complement your effort to get in shape or have a muscular body.

These supplements are necessary to enhance stamina, build muscle mass, lose weight, boost immunity and cover for the nutrients that you generally miss in your daily diet.


Protein plays a key role in building and maintaining all types of body tissues, including muscle. It contains amino acids, the building blocks used for muscle growth.

Our protein supplements are super effective in promoting your body’s muscle growth, boosting energy, aiding metabolism and helping you reach peak physical performance and preventing the ageing process.

We come up with a wide range of protein supplements to help you hit your daily targets. Because of the variety of options, you can find whatever you want at the minimum time, effort and expense.

About US

Muscle Nutrition has been established in 2018 with sports nourishment supplements that are explicitly centered around Indian client needs and tunes in to their daily lifestyle.

Muscle Nutrition's mission is to give a solid wellspring of information and logically demonstrated health enhancements best in class to help our Indians clients succeed at their wellbeing and fitness objectives.

We are passionate about creating supplements for muscles that are created sustainably and are effective, without any harmful side effects.

Muscle Nutrition sets the norm in the supplement enhancement industry by demanding truth in marking, fixing security, and item intensity, all while staying on the front line of nourishing science.

Muscle Nutrition supplements have been clinically tried throughout short periods in various examinations to definitively demonstrate their adequacy and safety, so you do not need to worry about anything, at all!




Whey is one of the best forms of protein for your body that helps you build muscle and lose fat. Consuming supplement with whey is a convenient way to add protein on top of daily intake. All our supplements are enriched with whey that is effective for muscle growth and reducing blood pressure.

Milk Protein

Milk Protein is great for the muscle mass and muscle strength of all ages practising bodybuilding. All the supplements of Muscle Nutrition contain milk protein that helps you to reduce age-related muscle loss and promote muscle repair. The milk protein present in the supplement comes up with potential health benefits.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is loaded with Vitamin E and omega 6 fats and many other benefits. It enhances immunity, promotes a healthy heart rate and also improves digestion. Take the advantage of the amazing benefits of sunflower oil from our building supplements.

Soya Oil

Containing a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids in each serving, soya oil is effective for several health benefits. It plays an integral role in heart health, brain function, fetal development, and immunity. All of the supplements offered at Muscle Nutrition contain soya oil in its purest form.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is widely used to boost mood. Besides, many bodybuilders use it for muscle building. Our manufacturing team is well aware of the surprising health benefits of cocoa powder. And that is why cocoa powder is used in all ranges of gym and bodybuilding supplements at Muscle Nutrition.


Barley is probably one of the most popular ingredients that are used in health supplements. It is the best option to include protein in your diet. We make sure to mix a good quantity of barley in all kinds of supplements.


A perfect ingredient used for weight loss, Glycerol is included in different health supplements to support weight loss and improve exercise performance. It helps the body replace water lost during diarrhoea and vomiting. Almost all our supplements include glycerol and provide all its goodness.

MuscleNutrition.co.in - Indin's No.1 Gym & Bodybuilding Supplements Store

Why Muscle Nutrition

We encourage people towards becoming more health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts and empower their journey with an excellent range of Gym and Bodybuilding Supplements. Here are some more reasons supporting how we are different and why you should approach Muscle Nutrition to get your supplements:

Uncompromising Quality

Muscle Nutrition brings supplements made of the highest quality ingredients in the world. Our whole team is dedicated to continuously researching, developing, producing and marketing the most effective and safest supplements to support you in accomplishing your fitness goals.

In-house Process

Unlike most other supplement companies, we develop and manufacture all our products in-house from start to finish. The process begins in the lab then goes to the blending room and is filled and sealed for instant shipment. This not only ensures optimum product quality but also ensures that every single pack of Muscle Nutrition is personally and properly packaged by us.

Excellent Outcome

Muscle Nutrition goes in all ways to ensure maximum results for the consumer. It produces products as per the latest trends of supplement manufacturing. All products offered by the company are backed by reviews of popular athletes and bodybuilders who love sharing about the brand.

Muscle Nutrition supplements always provide expected output and we are regularly maintaining high standards of testing and manufacturing to provide these results.

Make Your Purchase Right Now!

Whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner, we will support you to boost your performance and the life story you want to share.

Get all ranges of 100% authentic and healthy supplements under one portal with Muscle Nutrition. In addition to genuine products, you also have the most affordable range to buy your Gym and Bodybuilding Supplements online in India.