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Muscle Nutrition Advance Muscle Gainer (5kg), Strawberry + Free Shaker

34 Servings, 150g

Muscle Gain

  • Muscle Nutrition Advance Muscle Gainer 11 lb is a rich source of carbohydrates, muscle building supplement and filled with other essential nutrients.
  • It is helpful in stimulus your immunity system and as well as metabolic rate.
  • The BCAA present in it helps you to recover muscles post heavy workout.
  • Builds strengths.
  • Empowers muscles growth.

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Buy Advance Muscle Mass Gainer (5kg)

Buy Advance Muscle Mass Gainer is a muscle-building formula. It is formulated with whey proteins and high-quality carbohydrates. It also features scientifically advanced carbohydrate and protein sources making it an ideal mass building gainer. The product contains enzymes that help in better digestion and removes the bloated feeling. The formula is crafted in a way to make sure that the overall protein content and other nutrients get absorbed faster so as to see muscle growth in a short span of time.

Besides, you do not have to compromise with the taste while having a quality mass gainer as we bring this powder in an amazingly strawberry flavoured taste. Whether you want to increase lean muscle mass or maximize muscle volume, Buy Advance Muscle Gainer and start using it; this is a multi-purpose solution.


  • This Mass Gainer comes in powdered form and helps in exercise recovery with muscle building
  • It contains the purest and the safest nutrition and carbs
  • There are all range of proteins and carbs to provide explosive energy needed for rigorous training
  • It supports to supply of nutrients for longer training sessions
  • This is great for reducing muscle breakdown and improving immunity

Buy Advance Muscle Mass Gainer (5kg) Price

How to Take Advance Mass Gainer:-

  • Take 200-250 ml water/milk and shake it using a shaker or hand blender and make a homogeneous blend
  • Take the supplement with breakfast for better results. You can also take it before going to sleep or post work-out.
  • Involve some workout in your daily routine to maximize the impact of this powder.
  • Take the gainer 3 times a day with your normal diet for at least 1 month regularly to reach your weight gain goals.


It is not meant for medicinal use

Keep the product away from direct sunlight, children and pets

Store at a cool and dry place

Read the product label carefully before consuming

Make your dream of having a good physique and strong muscle comes true with Advance Muscle Mass Gainer 5kg strawberry online. This is a super helpful and effective formula. The best thing is that this is completely safe to consume, and it does not contain any chemical or harmful ingredients.

Disclaimer: Kindly check product images, description and label before buying the product. The product is genuine and safe to use. To get the expected result, consume the mass gainer for 30-40 days along with your normal diet.


For getting better result pre or post workout Muscle Nutrition Advance Muscle Gainer 11 lb is really cooperative. No added sugar safeguards that all the required calories come from good quality Protein-Carb matrix. Enriched with 21 vital vitamins and minerals to support overall well-being and growth.


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