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Muscle Nutrition Advance Muscle Gainer (5kg), Vanilla + Free Shaker

34 Servings, 150g

Muscle Gain

  • Muscle Nutrition Advance Muscle Gainer 11 lb is a rich source of carbohydrates, muscle building supplement and filled with other essential nutrients.
  • It is helpful in stimulus your immunity system and as well as metabolic rate.
  • The BCAA present in it helps you to recover muscles post heavy workout.
  • Builds strengths.
  • Empowers muscles growth.

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Buy Advance Muscle Mass Gainer (5kg)

Buy Advance Muscle Mass Gainer 5kg vanilla online is exquisitely formulated for elite fitness enthusiasts as well as regular individuals who want to gain weight. This is a super-effective formula for gaining huge muscles with a sturdy physique as this gainer formula has the perfect blend of protein and carbohydrates.

The gainer contains a unique combination of ingredients that ensures a robust and sustained release of calories to fuel your muscles for long hours. It contains some of the healthiest essential vitamins and minerals that boost your immunity level and regulate the enzymes in the body. The calories are derived from clean and quality carbs. The best part is there is zero added sugar in it to ensure that each serving is composed of nothing but the best. The combination of amazing vitamins and minerals makes this formula lift your muscles inches and weight by great numbers. It is also amazing to ensure that the overall protein content and other nutrients get absorbed faster so as to get quick advantages and better recovery.

Product Highlights:-

  • Mass Gainer builds strengths and empowers muscles growth
  • The unique mixture of protein and carbs fuel your muscle for quick recovery and muscle synthesis.
  • The regular use of gainer improves endurance and body strength.
  • It is helpful in stimulating your immunity system and metabolic rate

 How to Take Advance Mass Gainer:-

  • Take 200-250 ml water/milk according to your preference, use a shaker or hand blender to make a homogeneous blend
  • Maximize the benefit of this mass gainer by taking it with breakfast. For better results, involve workout in your daily routine and take the supplement post-workout.  Before going to sleep is also an ideal time to take this supplement.
  • Take the gainer 3 times a day with your normal diet for at least 1 month regularly to reach your weight gain goals.


It is not meant for medicinal use

Keep the product away from direct sunlight, children and pets

Store at a cool and dry place

Read the product label carefully before consuming

Gain weight while ensuring your overall physique growth in delectable vanilla flavour, Buy Advance Muscle Mass Gainer at Muscle Nutrition. Muscle Nutrition is one of the most emerging nutrition brands in India. It comes up with high-quality and unique formulas.

There is a dedicated team of qualified nutritionists to resolve your queries. Go through the above description carefully and start your weight gain journey with us. Don’t worry, there are no side effects and it is completely safe to consume.

Disclaimer: Before you start consuming the product, make sure you have checked product images, description and label. We ensure you that the product is genuine and safe to use. To get the expected result, consume the mass gainer for 30-40 days along with your normal diet.

For getting better result pre or post workout Muscle Nutrition Advance Muscle Gainer 11 lb is really cooperative. No added sugar safeguards that all the required calories come from good quality Protein-Carb matrix. Enriched with 21 vital vitamins and minerals to support overall well-being and growth.

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