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Nutrients are the substances found in food that drive activity and are essential for the human body. They also work as a protecting layer to keep a variety of diseases away. There are certain essentials that the body cannot synthesize on its own or not enough quantity and must be offered by the diet. Essentials are generally categorized as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Vitamins and minerals are considered the same, but they are quite different. Vitamins are organic substances produced by plants or animals. Fat-soluble vitamins include A, D, E, and K and Water-soluble vitamins include B and C. Vitamins help to maintain good health by preventing disease and helping us grow. Different vitamin requires certain food to get enough quantity.
  • Protein is considered the main constituent of the body. From making up the muscles, internal organs, skills, and blood to keeping the body in a healthy state. There is a total of 20 types of amino acids that make proteins, 9 of which cannot be synthesized in the body. Hence, they are called essential amino acids. These amino acids need to be supplemented by diet or additional supplements.
  • The main energy source for the brain, carbohydrates help to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and helps maintain the normal blood glucose levels. Primary sources of carbohydrates include fruits, grains, bread, starchy vegetables, and sugar. 
  • Minerals are the other hand are inorganic elements that originate from rocks, soil, and water. They help to maintain fluid volume outside of the cells and help them function at their optimum level. The recommended intake of minerals is 2,400 milligrams daily. Potassium maintains fluid volume inside and outside of cells and also prevents the excess increment in blood pressure with increased sodium intake. Potatoes, bananas, and tomatoes are good source sources. Besides, Muscle Nutrition brings various scientifically designed formulas to fulfill your need for sodium.
  • Fat is an energy source that when consumed, boosts the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K. Experts recommend having 20-35% of the daily intake from fat. Here, one should go for healthy options like omega-3-rich foods like walnuts, fish, and vegetable-based oils. Nuts, seeds, and avocado are some other options to include fat in your diet. Sometimes, you may miss the required quantity of fat in your regular diet. Here, going for certain quality supplements by Muscle Nutrition can help you.


Nutrients are vital to keeping your body healthy and also for the proper functioning of the body. You need to make sure to regularly consume them whether you are a working person with a hectic lifestyle, a homemaker, or a bodybuilder. Maybe sometimes, your regular diet might not be enough to fulfill this requirement.

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